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our Mission


Together we will explore what it means to research, work, and co-exist in this ever-evolving space, through insightful keynote presentations, an innovative panel discussion, and a showcase of exceptional research.  We look forward to turning the page, and shifting the way we view a sustainable ocean together!  




Sustainability is upheld by three pillars—economy, environment, and people. As such our approach to managing a sustainable ocean must account for the holistic nature of sustainability itself. We challenge you to think collaboratively, broadening your horizons of what is required to address all aspects of sustainability and who needs to be involved to do so.  Turning Tides prioritizes dialogue between disciplines and organizations to advance the interconnectedness of ocean management and sustainability outcomes. 


To work towards equitable participation and outcomes in and of ocean management we must understand the impact of social identity on the experiences of those involved.  At Turning Tides, this begins with creating space for conversations surrounding identity, and highlighting the achievements of BIPOC and other marginalized individuals. Vital to this is the need to heed perspectives, voices, and knowledge from outside of those who are traditionally in positions to do so, expanding our idea of what participation in ocean management looks like. 


Young professionals from all backgrounds play critical roles in leadership and decision-making within a sustainable ocean space. As future stewards of the ocean, Turning Tides values the voices and drive of the incoming generation of marine managers. We are committed to promoting long-term ocean conservation through inter-generational learning—fostering mentorship and dialogue for a sustainable ocean today and tomorrow.  

The three i's of turning tides

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