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The Sustainable Ocean Conference is a public two-day conference that facilitates the opportunity for connection and collaboration between stakeholders and rightsholders passionate about marine conservation and management. Over the course of the conference, attendees have the chance to explore what it means to research and co-exist in marine spaces through keynote and graduate research presentations, panel discussions, and an ocean showcase highlighting diverse work occurring in the conservation and management of our marine spaces.


The conference is sponsored by the Sobey Fund for Ocean and is organized by Master of Marine Management Candidates of the Marine Affairs Program at Dalhousie University. It is the only student-led conference of its kind in Atlantic Canada and is being held for the 13th consecutive year. 

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Create a space that acknowledges that solving today's challenges requires healing relationships among all aspects of nature and communities.


Acknowledge and celebrate local accomplishments and highlight what has been achieved, while recognizing what can still be done.


Empower individuals to instigate change and contribute to incremental progress towards a more equitable and sustainable ocean for tomorrow.


The concept of change and progress is encapsulated in the symbolism of tides – a natural ebb and flow that mirrors the dynamic nature of the oceans. Tides serve as a metaphor for our continuous efforts to navigate and shape the future of our oceans through effective management, illustrating the evolving journey towards positive transformation and advancement for tomorrow. 

This year's 13th annual Sustainable Ocean Conference aims to highlight sustainability, equity and interdisciplinary values in approaching management within ocean spaces.


To work towards equitable participation and outcomes in and of ocean management we must understand the impact of social identity on the experiences of those involved. At Tides of Tomorrow, this begins with creating space for conversations surrounding identity and highlighting the achievements of historically marginalized individuals.

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The Tides of Tomorrow, 2024 Sustainable Ocean Conference logo has been designed by two of our talented Marketing Team members,

Gita Tsomik and Kali Hines.

The new logo embodies the drive to move into a more sustainable ocean future despite all the challenges that are preventing it. 

A huge thank you to all who provided feedback and support during its design. We hope you love it!

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The Sustainable Ocean Conference is committed to creating an inclusive, equitable, accessible and representative experience that supports, engages and celebrates the diversity of all individuals in the marine sector. We acknowledge the historic and ongoing issues of environmental racism and discrimination that have affected Indigenous and Black communities in Kjipuktuk (Halifax) and throughout Canada's colonial state. Our conference strives to recognize these profound injustices and promote collaboration while prioritizing equity in modern marine management. We welcome all conference attendees, regardless of their race, religion, gender, ability, age, nationality, ethnicity, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

To support these efforts, SOC 2024 has established an Equity, Accessibility, and Representation (EAR) committee. We value feedback from all attendees and welcome any suggestions, comments, or concerns you may have regarding equity, accessibility, and representation at our conference.


You can contact our EAR team by sending an email to If you need any specific accommodations, accessibility, or support, please specify the nature of your requirement so we can best provide you with the necessary assistance. We are committed to providing support to ensure all attendees can fully participate in the conference experience. All communications with our EAR team will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and sensitivity.

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