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Image by Marissa Rodriguez

our LOGO

Our logo’s story begins with one simple idea—how can we change the way we approach marine management?


Our cohort found that the ocean sector has been viewed the same way for far too long, with the same archetypes at the forefront, it was time for a change.


Thus came this year’s theme – Turning Tides. Both an alliteration and a play on ‘turning the page’ to a new chapter of marine management, it was perfect!


james canneLl


hERE'S HOW HE developed OUR LOGO

am thrilled to share with you the logo I designed for the upcoming Turning Tides: Sustainable Ocean Conference. As a graphic designer, I had the honour of collaborating with the conference Co-Chairs to bring their vision to life. They were incredibly creative and wonderful to work with throughout the process.



The central concept of the logo revolves around the idea of motion and sustainability. We wanted to capture the dynamic energy of the ocean while emphasizing the importance of preserving it for future generations. To achieve this, we decided to incorporate two key elements: a wave and a book.


The wave, in its elegant and dynamic form, represents the constant motion and vitality of the ocean. It symbolizes the interconnectedness of the world's ecosystems and the urgent need to protect and restore our marine environments. The wave also signifies the ever-evolving nature of marine policy and sciences, inspiring us to ride the wave of progress and embrace innovative solutions.


The book, on the other hand, represents the wealth of knowledge, research, and ideas that drive sustainable practices. It embodies the interdisciplinary approach essential for addressing the complex challenges facing our oceans. The book symbolizes the power of education, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas among diverse stakeholders. By combining the wave and the book, the logo showcases the harmonious convergence of motion, sustainability, interdisciplinary thinking, and innovation.


It's important to note that the concept for the wave and the book was chosen by the co-chairs themselves. They had a clear vision of what they wanted to communicate through the logo and provided valuable input throughout the design process. I simply translated their ideas into a visual representation, ensuring that their vision was accurately represented on paper.








I'm proud of the final result, as I believe it captures the essence of the Turning Tides Sustainable Ocean Conference perfectly. It symbolizes the motion, vitality, and interconnectedness of the ocean while emphasizing the importance of knowledge and sustainability.


I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to the co-chairs for their collaboration and inspiration. Their enthusiasm and dedication made this project a joy to work on. I'm honoured to have had the opportunity to contribute to such a worthy cause, and I hope that the logo will serve as a powerful symbol for the conference's mission.


Thank you all for your support, and we look forward to seeing you at the Turning Tides Sustainable Ocean Conference!

Tide Together Fonts and Colours-22.png


A huge thanks to James for all of his hard work!

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