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Image by Marissa Rodriguez


The new logo has officially been released for Tides of Tomorrow, the 2024 Sustainable Ocean Conference.

This logo embodies the theme of the conference and was designed by two of our Marketing Team members,

Gita Tsomik and Kali Hines.

Continue reading below to learn more about the design process behind the logo! 



the creative process

This year's conference logo design began with the theme, Tides of Tomorrow. This theme encompasses the broad and uncertain future of our oceans: the uncertainty of future challenges that push back against sustainable development, as well as the anticipation and desire for positive progress. Within the marine sector, there is a strong pull towards a more equitable, sustainable, and interdisciplinary marine space.

Three versions of the logo were created to represent different uses: General use, Promotional use, and Social Media.


With the conference theme in mind, the logo was created to represent the push and pull of competing interests and challenges as we progress into the future of our marine spaces. The logo encompasses these ideas,  featuring two main focal points: the vortex of waves surrounding a determined boat.

The vortex of waves in this logo represents both the push and pull against society's progress in the marine space. The vortex of waves works on one side works to pull the boat backwards, preventing it from progressing further in its journey. This represents the challenges and resistance to change. On the other side, the vortex is working to push the boat forward and into the future, coming out on the other side. This represents the desire for positive and sustainable changes to the use and management of our ocean sectors.

The boat represents society on its journey into the future. It will face challenges, as well as support on its journey forward. The boat can represent any community or group: our cohort as marine managers in training, academics, or Nova Scotians as a whole.

COLOUR SCHEME & branding

The logo's colour inspiration was based on this year's conference theme. We pulled the different shades of blue and white to represent different bodies of water: whitecaps, cold depths, and warm shallow waters. The orange featured on the boat is pulled from the vibrant colours of the marine space: orange gear, bright fish, tropical corals. The orange boat and blue waves provide a stark contrast, drawing the viewer's eye into the centre of the vortex.

Tide Together Fonts and Colours-22.png

We are very proud of the final result of our logo, believing it truly captures the essence of the Tides of Tomorrow, Sustainable Ocean Conference. Thank you to all who helped us in the creation of this logo by providing their ideas, feedback, and suggestions.

Tide Together Fonts and Colours-22.png
Image by Jason Richard
Image by Vita Marija Murenaite
Image by Armand Khoury
Image by Francesco Ungaro
Image by NOAA
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