Photography Contest

Conference Theme: Local Ripples, Global Waves

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Contest Winners

Congratulations to this year's Photography Contest Winners! 

emily wells.jpg

First Place

Photographer: Emily E. Wells

Title: Perseverance + Pride Amidst an Ocean of Change

sean mcmullen.jpg

Second Place

Photographer: Sean McMullen

Title: Below the Waves

Thank you to all who have participated in this year's photography contest!

Bunaken_Fisherman_©_Noah-Eisner (1 of 1)

Photographer: Noah Eisner

Title: Catch of the Day


Photographer: Meaghan Borland

Title: 2020 - Whale Get Through This

FinWhales_Maryann Watson.jpg

Photographer: Maryann Watson

Title: Fin Whale Breaths

Katherine Gartner-Kepkay.jpg

Photographer: Katherine Gartner-Kepkay

Title: Ocean Burst At Dawn

Aaron Clausen 1.jpg

Photographer: Aaron Clausen

Title: Sunrise Fin Whale Surfacing

Andrew Willms.jpeg

Photographer: Andrew Willms

Title: Local Life

Quick dip on a viking ship Anna Spring.j

Photographer: Anna Spring

Title: Quick Dip on a Viking Ship

Lisa Chen_Underwater Contest_Shrink.png

Photographer: Lisa Chen

Title: Individual Cleanup, Global Impact